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TRAINING of community capacity building of self-help group basics and household economic in Central Halmahera Distric, North Maluku


MITIGATION. Provide plant seeds for the planting of trees for landslide mitigation in Noebesa and Nakfunu villages, Timur Tengah Selatan District, NTT


DISASTER SIMULATION is one effort to improve the resilience of local communities and institutions in dealing with natural disasters in East Nusa Tenggara


CHILDREN'S EDUCATION CENTER. To increase the knowledge and skill in children’s education center in Kembangan sub district West Jakarta through Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies are integrated to self-help groups


ORGANIC FERTILIZER. Manufacture of organic fertilizer is one business to restore the condition of community micro and small enterprise affected by the earthquake in Districts of Boyolali and Sukoharjo, Central Java


PLANTING CORN in Dayaguna Self-help Groups Tlobong Village, Klaten District – Central Java as an effort to improve agricultural practices to improve community livelihoods


LEARNING COMPUTER. Improving skill for scavenger children through learning computer in Pemulung Empowerment Institute, Tangerang South District

Info Kegiatan BSK

Pada saat ini (tahun 2012) BSK sedang menangani sejumlah kegiatan konsultansi  pemberdayaan masyarakat di beberapa wilayah di Indonesia, antara lain : Water Supply System & Sanitation in IMC’s 9 DAVs di wilayah Kabupaten Puruk Cahu Kalimantan Tengah. Pekerjaan in

Activity Info of Bina Swadaya Konsultan

In 2012, BSK handle a number of community empowerment consultancy activities in several regions in Indonesia, among others: Water Supply and Sanitation System in IMC's 9 DAVs in Puruk Cahu district, Central Kalimantan. Collaboration with BHP Billiton (PT Billiton Indones

Overview of Bina Swadaya Konsultan

Bina Swadaya Konsultan (BSK) is a national consulting services company engaged in the field of community empowerment to main services such as Research, Training and Technical Assistance (Facilitating). Our competence are the development of economic / community livelihood, wa