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About Us

Company Profile

Bina Swadaya Consultant (BSK) is a national consulting firm engaged in the improvement of community empowerment in the areas of social, economic and environmental approach to the development of Kelompok Swadaya Masyarakat (KSM) or Self Help Groups (SHGs). BSK is formed from the passion and commitment to disseminate the experience Bina Swadaya to other parties that were interested to increase community empowerment activities, especially marginalized communities, both diperdesaan, transmigration areas, urban and coastal areas.

BSK supported by 24 full-time employees based in Jakarta and more than 100 associate consultants who are scattered around the working area BSK.

This profile describes the trip and experience a glimpse of Bina Swadaya Consultant (BSK) in the activities of community development consulting services. Organization Development consulting services activities started in 1983 through cooperation with the project BKKBN Revenue Enhancement Group Acceptor. More information BSK profile can be seen in the following video:

Vision and Mission


Being a consultant institution that is recognized and leading in the community empowerment development.


  • Facilitating the community to grow self-reliance in democratic principles, transparency, accountability, and sustainable gender equity.
  • Developing partnerships with interested parties to improve empowerment initiatives
  • Improving the quality of services as an innovative and aspirating as well as expertise centre
  • Influencing development of policies to be more pro-poor and marginalized people
  • Extending comprehensive services  in sustainable manner

Overview BSK

Bina Swadaya Konsultan (BSK) is a national consultancy firm engaged in community development which main services are Research, Training and Mentoring. Our competence is economic / livelihood community, community-based water and sanitation and public health, environmental conservation, microfinance, social entrepreneurship, agribusiness, community-based disaster risk reduction, and non-formal educational (life skills training & education).

Bisnis Bersama Masyarakat (BBM) – Together with the community, Bina Swadaya Konsultan (BSK) facilitate the process of marketing products BSK assisted community groups and other agencies with the brand “Rengkuyung” which means togetherness, shared commitment and solidarity. Currently fuel products are: rice organic treatments, handicrafts made ​​from wood, leather and agel and batik-lurik created home-made
Griya Cerdas Banguntapan (GCB), Community learning center (training and education center) located on Rajawali Street, 23 A Banguntapan-Bantul Yogyakarta. GCB development trainings organized community empowerment, providing facilities for training events, exhibitions, seminars and other events, which are supported by healthy culinary stalls
Cultural Education Development Exposure Program (CEDEP),), Learning activities on local knowledge, especially in the improvement of community empowerment through field trips, and a Comparative Study “live in” at locations and assistance BSK and BSK partners in Indonesia.