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MURIA EXPO: Potential Appreciation and Community Capacity

MURIA EXPO: Potential Appreciation and Community Capacity

Kegiatan MURIA Expo di Rumah si Pitung, Marunda Jakarta Utara

MURIA Event Expo at Rumah Si Pitung, Marunda in North Jakarta

The event was held at Rumah Si Pitung, Tuesday (22/12) the potential and capacity that has been produced together by every citizen of RT on the RW 07 and institutions involved in MURIA.

In her speech, Program Manager Ikasari give an appreciation of activities of groups like a group of mothers that is initiate urban farming activities, and youth groups to initiate mapping training was divided two phases of data collection and data processing OpenSteetMap with QGIS and InaSAFE.

The event with the theme “Potential Event and Community Capacity in Collaboration MURIA” presents Tari Betawi art performances, simulation flood contingency plans RW 07, booth crops urban farming activities and booth map mapping results of training activities.

The group of mothers feel add insight into capabilities farming, and the expected benefits are residents can save even more for shopping for vegetables and of course with good quality. Even the neighbors existing are buy the harvested urban farming groups.

The meantime, according to the results of the mapping of the youth group is also satisfactory. The maps RT activity results be printed A2 size and displayed on the this expo so that people can see the results. Besides shown here, these maps are also printed and placed on the strategic locations where people happy congregate.

RW 07 Marunda are now map which details can be accessed by anyone, from the public, governments and other institutions. Expected results of this mapping can unify and provide relevant information to stakeholders in building the resilience of urban communities.

Septian Nugraha